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  • Silicone baby utensils work well because the material is not only food safe but also baby safe and phthalate-free, latex-free, and BPA-free. It also feels great in your baby’s hands, and it is a soft yet hardy material that will not be destroyed when your baby mishandles it. This means your baby’s silicone utensil set will last a very long time.

    Our recommendation: Your baby will love this 7Pcs Silicone Baby Utensil set. It is 100% non-slip and designed to be held by your little one’s tiny hands. Using this set will help your baby build her confidence and independence as she learns to feed independently. It is also a great way for her to boost her gross and fine motor skills as well as her hand-eye coordination.

    Non-slip Silicone Candy Color Baby Utensil Set

    C$89,99 Normale prijs

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