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  • This 7 Colors Cute Animals Lamp Night Light is an adorable and practical way to brighten up any nursery room. The night light comes in three variations: CAT: 3.54*3.54*4.02CM, BEAR: 3.5IN*4IN, and Elf: 3.7*3.7IN craft from durable ABS+silicone. It is operated by 3 AAA batteries (not included in product), as well as touch sensor LED technology for an easy and safe on/off switch. This product makes an excellent addition to any nursery room decor. 

    When the power switch is activated, the light will adjust accordingly when tapped. The first tap will result in a warm yellow hue, while the second tap creates a three-second three-color gradient, and the third tap will switch off the light. This cycle is then repeated. If no action is taken, this will loop for up to one hour before automatically becoming extinguished.

    7 Colors Cute Animals Lamp Night Lights Touch Sensor Led