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10 Unique Baby Activity Ideas

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

When thinking about baby activities, the most important thing is to ensure that whatever activity you do encourages your little one’s development. Additionally, you can supplement the developmental effects of these activities by buying educational toys to go with them. 

Here is a look at 10 unique baby activity ideas: 

  1. Exploring textures with jelly

This is a simple activity that is perfect for babies who have been introduced to solids. Pop your little one on a high chair and give her some different colored jelly to play with. Just place it on a tray in front of her and she’ll take care of the rest. Playing with jelly is a great sensory activity for babies. 

What you’ll need: Different colored fruit jelly on a tray.

  1. Playing with a cardboard box

Need something simple and straightforward? Playing with a cardboard box is exactly that! If you have a cardboard box on hand, you already have the perfect plaything for your little one. Simply pop her in it with some of her favorite toys and let her have a blast! 

What you’ll need: A cardboard box, preferably one that is large enough to hold her. 

  1. Reading a book 

Your little one will never be too young to be read to. Invest in a book that has different colors and textures then let her turn the pages as she touches and feels the textures. Soon, she’ll start having her favorite books! 

What you’ll need: A colorful book with textured pages.


  1. Scrunch up paper

There is a reason why babies are more interested in the gift wrapper than the gift on Christmas day. They love the sound of scrunched paper! Giving her a piece of scrunched paper is a great way to pass the time. Just be sure to watch her so she doesn’t eat it! 

What you’ll need: A sheet of scrunched up paper, and several replacements for when it inevitably falls apart and stops being scrunchy. 

5. Playing with a mobile gym set

Babies exercise through play. Mobile gyms are perfect for this. They are designed to help develop your baby’s hand-eye coordination as well as her gross and fine motor skills. 

What you’ll need: This Mobile Gym Educational Toy Set is a great solution if you have been looking for an amazing mobile gym set. It is versatile and provides a lot of variety when it comes to the number of activities your little one will be able to explore with it. It comes with teething keys, plush toys, rattles, and pacifier chains. 

6. Active play with a Baby Play Gym

Active play gyms are exactly what your little one needs when she becomes mobile and she needs all the practice she can get. When you notice her starting to pull herself up on furniture, she is ready for an active play gym. This will help her perfect her motor skills as she gets ready to learn how to walk.

What you’ll need: You cannot go wrong with this Baby Play Gym. Designed to grow with your little one, it is completely handmade using baby-safe materials. It also has removable teethers that your little one will enjoy interacting with.

7. Floor play

Floor play is important for younger babies. Instead of carrying your little one in your arms all day, consider putting her down on a comfortable surface every once in a while. When your baby is calm and happy, and all her needs have been met, put her down and set her up with dangling toys above her. Let her engage in independent play for some time. This is great for her cognitive development! 

What you’ll need: Get her a Baby Play Gym and Bassinet combo. This way, she can engage in floor play while lying down on a comfortable surface and interacting with her toys. It is a great way for her to learn how to play independently. This is a skill that will make your life a lot easier as she grows. You’ll also love that this set comes with removable teethers, is completely handmade with baby-safe materials, and is designed to grow with your little one! 

8. Playing with teething toys

Babies love teething toys. This is especially true if your little one is at least 4 months old and her first teeth are starting to come in. The toys are designed to soothe their gums as their first teeth start to come in.

What you’ll need: Because teething toys are so popular, they come in all sorts of designs. However, few of these designs are more adorable than well-made crotchet versions such as this Crotchet Elephant Teether Set. Most of the pieces in this set are made of wood. The set also comes with rattles, teethers, bracelets, pacifiers, a dummy clip, and more, giving you a lot of value for money.

9. Play with early development educational toys

Early development educational toys are toys that have been designed to help boost your little one’s physical or cognitive development. They are often specialized in one area, honing a few skills at a time for your child as she interacts with them. 

What you’ll need: High-quality early developmental toys such as this cute Baby Foot Baby Teething Toy. Made entirely using baby-safe materials, it comes in an adorable design that looks like a foot. It is comprised of several quirky parts, from moving balls to pull strings to soft press fidgets. It is also very colorful, which pretty much guarantees that your kiddo will have a grand time interacting with it!

10. Playing with rattles

Babies love rattles! From an early age (within the first few weeks), you can introduce simple, age-appropriate toys like rattles to your child. Such toys appeal to her budding sense of sight, hearing, and touch. As she interacts with the rattle, she will also get to practice her hand-eye coordination and her gross and fine motor control. 

What you’ll need: For this activity, we highly recommend using this Rattling Baby Teether Toy. It comes with 360-degree rotation to give your baby hours of endless fun. It also has a colorful design and multiple dangling keys that roll around in hoops. Everything is made using materials that are baby-safe and BPA-free with no harmful chemicals. Playing with it will help soothe your little one’s teething as she also improves her gross and fine motor skills. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with this list, you now have a lot of inspiration on baby activities that you can enjoy with your little one. While at it, it is important not to forget that none of these toys can replace you as her parent. They are only a small part of the equation. So as your little one plays, do not be afraid to get down to her level and have some fun with her, too.

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