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  • Few things are more adorable than well-made crotchet toys. Moms and dads love them because they are soft, cuddly, and cute while being completely baby-safe. Any little angel in your life will appreciate this gift!

    Our recommendation: You’ll love the 1Set Baby Crotchet Elephant set for many reasons. Not only do most of the pieces use wood as the main material, but this set also comes with rattles, teethers, bracelets, pacifiers, a dummy clip, and more. This pretty much guarantees that you will be getting value for your money when you buy it! The adorable crotchet elephant will also instantly become your little one’s new best friend, which is just the cherry on top.

    Crotchet Elephant Teether Set

    C$55.00 Regular Price
    C$46.75Sale Price

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